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Getting a Massage During COVID-19

We have been living under the cloud of a pandemic for 6 months and while we have seen the numbers go down in Texas, we must remain vigilant as a community. We have learned along the way how we can be proactive and how to continue with certain interactions in a safe and protective way. One thing we have learned is that one-to-one interactions, like getting a massage, can be better controlled than a group interaction or a gathering at a restaurant or bar. One thing to keep in mind is that, just as many health professionals, massage therapists already practice a baseline of strong cleaning and sanitizing protocols. Add to that a catalog of screenings, personal protection equipment, sanitizing measures and air filtration systems, everyone can feel protected.

Personally, you may not be ready to go back to getting massaged, and that is ok. But, be assured, Mantra Massage is doing everything we can do to keep you and your therapist safe. In fact the Mantra studio is cleaner than ever before. With the renovation of the entirety of the studio, all wall surfaces, the massage tables and furniture are new, eliminating any residual dust and allergens.

We have added new safety protocols and products to our new space that have you covered. Mantra Massage starts by employing a professional cleaning and sanitation crew to clean the entirety of the space in the evenings. Cleanings continue throughout the day by staff and throughout your massage by your therapist. We use only cleaners and disinfectants that meet the CDC and EPA requirements for use against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). Moreover, all of Mantra’s linens are professionally cleaned and sanitized.

Every client, therapist and staff member is required to wear a protective mask while in the studio. We have stocked additional face masks and face shields for those who need them. Temperature and questionnaire screenings – for both client and therapists – take place prior to each session. Hand sanitizer is available in each room and throughout the studio space. Each treatment room is wiped down with sanitizing wipes between sessions. Within each room lives a HEPA filter that will work hard to keep the air you breathe clean and safe.

Further we have enabled contact-free payment in the studio so while either paying for the service or gratuity, no one will touch your card but you. If you have a method of payment stored in your account, even better!

We look forward to you having a stressless and healing experience in our new beautiful space. If you have any questions about our safety protocols or our services, please email

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