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The Unspoiled Selayar Island of South Sulawesi

Selayar Island Regency which is additionally referred to as Tana Doang or the land of prayer is one of the rules in South Sulawesi Province with the funding called Benteng. It has its own originality because of the only rule that is located besides the mainland of South Sulawesi district (Sulawesi Island).

The Selayar Island chain is lived in by the bulk of Makassar ethnic culture as well as a small portion of ethnic Bajo, Bugis and also Chinese ethnic cultures also with the primary livelihood of the area as farmers and fishermen.

From the website, the population is spread from the mainland of Selayar Island to remote islands (132 small islands) both living and uninhabited, with a population of around 135,809 people.

On the other hand, the topography of the Selayar island chain prolongs north to south with the size of the island = 100 kilometres, and also the width of the island ± 15 km. The east shore is generally sloping and also high and also along the coastline there are many bays; while the west shore of the island is normally flat, sloping, to hilly where practically 100% of the populace of Selayar Island is worked out.

The eastern side of Selayar Island can be claimed to be still sparsely booming, in the location there are additionally several locations that are still really all-natural. Some part of the area are additionally the habitat o Tarsiers, which are considered the tiniest monkeys worldwide. It is additionally feasible to find lots of varieties of birds, tiny reptiles, marsupials, varan and also wildboars.

The eastern side of the island of Selayar is surrounded by reef that supply beautiful undersea sights as well as the views is a paradise for diving or snorkeling enthusiast.

From the city of Makassar, the Selayar Islands Regency can be gotten to by land transport and afterwards crossing from the Ferry port in Bira, Bulukumba Regency to the Pamatata Crossing Port in Pamatata Town, Bontomatene District. From Pamatata Harbor after that to Benteng City which can be reached around one hr.

The Selayar Islands is an eye-catching traveler location because of its one-of-a-kind all-natural scenery and also stunning coastlines. The western side of the island is primarily inhabited by fishermen, that live in little villages that continue to follow as well as follow their customs and have Makanan Sulawesi Tenggara.

One of the favorite places on the west side of Selayar Island is Gusung Island. The island is gone to by many travelers who intend to tour as well as relax on gorgeous and natural white sand beaches.

Aside From Selayar Island, which supplies lots of vacationer destinations, this regency is additionally the area of the Takabonerate National Park.

Takabonerate National forest is called an underwater paradise for diving and snorkeling activities and also is popular amongst vacationers, both international and also residential vacationers. Takabonerate which suggests "coral reefs island on the sand" is the biggest atoll in Indonesia, as well as the third largest worldwide after Kwajifein Atoll in the Marshal Islands and Suvadiva Atoll in the Maldives.

Selayar Island provides a wide range of trips that deserve a see, from Nature, Culture, Trekking, Cycling, Beaches, Culinary, Snorkeling to Diving.

Visitors will certainly be dealt with to all-natural, beautiful and amazing natural surroundings so they will certainly get a lot positive experience while vacationing on Selayar Island.

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