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Ashley Martin

Massage Therapist

Ashley studied massage at the Cortiva Institute, Massage Therapy School in Chicago and has been practicing for six years now. With a life-long passion for serving others, massage therapy was a natural path for her to follow. Ashley has worked in spas, wellness centers, and alongside chiropractors throughout her career.

Over the years in these workplaces, under differing directors, Ashley has honed her skills using various techniques and modalities and has found ways to incorporate them together to best serve her client’s needs. Focused therapeutic massage has been her strong suit as she finds it rewarding to assist people in managing pain and finding balance in the body.

Helping people find freedom of movement within their bodies is her ultimate goal and Ashley has dedicated herself to continue learning advanced techniques at every opportunity.

Ashley moved to Austin from Chicago four years ago, seeking out a new path forward in this beautiful, vibrant city full of friendly faces. Now she has an adorable two year old named Teddy who runs her world. In her free time, she spends the many Texas sunny days outdoors with Teddy, exploring parks and nearby trails. She also has a deep passion for cooking and does her best to share that knowledge with her bright little dude.

Ashley would love to help you find your own path forward, free of corporeal restraint, to find peace and comfort from within.


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