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Elise Wood

Massage Therapist

Elise graduated from Lauterstein-Conway Massage School in Austin TX in 2006. She knew helping people was what she wanted to do from a young age. She is full of compassion for others and uses her knowledge and skill as a deep tissue/clinical therapist to uniquely address muscular dysfunction in every session she gives.

"I feel a responsibility towards my clients to listen to them and their bodies in order to use my talents as a massage therapist to bring relief to them and return to them the quality of life they deserve." She adds, "it brings me such joy and fulfillment when I see my clients free from pain. Their relief is why I strive to bring my best to every person on my table."

With over 15 years of practice Elise has experience correcting many trouble areas throughout the body. Her personal favorite areas to focus on are low back/hip and neck/shoulder trouble spots. She has also had much success relieving headaches and migraines related to tension and TMJ.

When Elise isn't in the massage room she is probably busy geeking out over a new video game or reading with one or two kitties curled in her lap.

-Mantra "How can I help?"


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