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Erika Ebbeson

Massage Therapist

Erika says "I feel fortunate to have been called to the healing arts very early in life– right there in the window box where I opened my bird hospital at the age of 3!" She has been in healing practices since 1995, and has extensive areas of training in biodynamic cranialsacral and cardiovascular therapy, dreamwork and the archetypal language of the body, myofascial unwinding, intuitive deep tissue and injury work, somato-emotional release, pre-natal/doula work, Training in Power™ Academy work, Acupoint Aromatherapy and The NIA Technique. Some of the approaches that most inspire her e are Chinese 5 element theory, SOMA, Network Spinal Analysis, ayurvedic and Body Ecology nutrition, QiGong and radical self-care.

Erika has a profound gratitude for the lineage of excellence she found in her teachers: Dr. John Giannini at Chicago’s Jung Institute, Brian Utting and his esteemed massage school, Bruno Ducoux, DO, Hugh Milne, DO and Dr. Michael Shea—pioneers in osteopathy/cranialsacral work, Faye Fitzgerald, Debbie Rosas and The NIA Technique, Peter Holmes Lac, MH, Lac and Tiffany Pollard, MS, Lac and Acupoint Aromatherapy, and her Radical Medicine mentor, Dr. Louisa Williams, DC, ND and her Matrix Reflex Testing method. Alongside the animal kingdom and divine Love, Erika sees them as being generous contributors to her wellness which, like most things, is best shared.

Erika serves on the faculty of Training in Power™ Academy and is an ordained Minister and Spiritual Counselor. She enjoys the honor of supporting people and their animals in times of transition: birth, wedding/commitment ceremony, hospice care and passage.

With a deep commitment to walking her talk, Erika's practice begins at home where she is nourished by the creative, culinary and meditative arts and by her pure-hearted canine mentors, Freyja, Helig and Maitri.


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