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Ileanna Physco

Massage Therapist

"It’s been nothing but blessings since my certification as massage therapist. I love massage therapy so much! It’s helped me in so many ways professionally & personally. I am truly fascinated by the human anatomy and its abilities of healing."

Ileanna appreciates the opportunity & teachings to help so many people and considers it an honor. She truly believe in the saying "Movement is medicine!" It makes her happy when she is able to contribute to that special moment when her clients learn something new about their anatomy & when they leave session feeling healed & more serene than when they first arrived.

Illeanna has many hobbies. She enjoys staying busy. Cooking is a big one! Spending time in the kitchen is so calming & yummy! She loves spending time with her plants, She is a huge plant mom with goals of having a jungle in her apartment! She has a very artistic/inventive side that’s really enlightened her creativity, which has opened a new interest for her to pursue a career in Software Development! She has always been a tech-y and she is finally in a peaceful space that’s allowed her to get back to school and further pursue her dreams.

Areas of specialty:
-Full body deep tissue/swedish techniques
-Tension migraines/headaches
-Chronic neck/shoulder pain
-Chronic hip/low back pain
-Prenatal massages

Illeanna describes her bodywork as a relaxing blend of therapeutic/deep tissue and swedish techniques. She believes in reaching your therapeutic zone by combining a relaxing touch that still makes you feel like you had a massage! Her approach to delivering relief is by paying strong attention to her clients needs, focus areas, and going at their pace for pressure.


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