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Jannette Leyva

Massage Therapist

Jannette became an LMT in 2017 at Lauterstein Conway Massage School in Austin TX. She has always had a passion for health and wellness and helping others.

Jannette grew up as the oldest in the family so she has had plenty of practice caring for others and channeling peoples needs. She also received her certification as a personal trainer but that was not meant to be her purpose. She is a healer.

Jannette uses intention, a present mind, and intuitive approach in her sessions. She enjoys working with people who enjoy a relaxing yet effective massage. Even more specifically people with sciatic, lower back, postural, neck and shoulder issues and limited range of motion.

Her 1st passion is manual lymphatic drainage paired with dry brushing and gliding cupping. It is a unique light touch therapy used for pre operation, post operation, and wellness in boosting your circulatory and immune systems.
The benefits of this modality have completely blown her away on how such a gentle touch can be so powerful.

Jannette takes pride in watching her clients look and feel so much better even after just one session.

Her Mantra: I am here to help you heal


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