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Jason Bratcher

Massage Therapist

Therapeutic Bodywork is an artform, combining techniques and environmental settings and music to create an experience for the mind and the body and the spirit. Contained within this experience is a journey of not only relaxation, but of freedom from chronic pain and an improved function of our bodies and how we "move" through life.

Combining over 25yrs of study and practice Jason Bratcher brings the "Therapeutic Immersions" experience to his clients at Mantra Massage. Jason has a combined knowledge of several modalities ranging from Structurally integrated bodywork to deep myofascial release and active and passive release therapy, to name a few. Jason has a practical approach and Hand, blending in the artform of his "Therapeutic Immersions" trademark sessions, and is also a licensed Instructor and Texas Continuing Education provider.

Jason is also a practitioner and Workshop teacher of Hawaiian Temple Bodywork (lomilomi) which is a transformational form of bodywork that seeks to help bring a person back into alignment with their mind, body and spirit. Hawaiian Temple Bodywork has been known to produce emotional release and a feeling of inner peace and harmony and has helped, as a support system, to people who are in Trauma therapy to feel more at peace with themselves.

He takes this beautiful and transformative form of bodywork seriously and offers Full Temple Bodywork sessions at Mantra Massage. Jason says, “People want to feel good without feeling operated on and they certainly do not want to experience therapy as intensely as they experience their chronic pain. In a practical sense my job is to help your nervous system calm down and to help your body get out of a pain cycle by not putting you back into one. I am not into brutalizing tissue or facilitating more injury to heal injuries that are already present within you. You will, however, feel my work as effective and healing and I promise you that you are going to feel a lot better leaving than when you came in".

Jason looks forward to working with you--Aloha!


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