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Julianne Smith

Massage Therapist

Originally from the Dallas area, Julianne moved to Austin in 1994 and has been here ever since. Life is an adventure that doesn't always follow the path we expect. With a background in accounting she knows what it is to experience the stress of office work with long hours of sitting at a computer. There was a time when receiving massage was the best way for her to cope with those long hours. She happily gave that career up to homeschool her daughter and when it was time to return to the workplace she remembered how much massage therapy helped her over the years and it lead her to becoming a therapist.

After completing the 500-hour program at The Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage here in Austin, she continued her training in multiple barefoot bodywork modalities. It became clear how much deep tissue work was valued. Julianne found that the barefoot modalities allow her to achieve a much deeper pressure but without the sharpness that can sometimes accompany deep work with arms or elbows. With a variety of techniques, including DeepFeet Bar Therapy, Fijian Bodywork, Sarga Bodywork, as well as traditional barefoot shiatsu, she can customize a session to fit your personal goals.

Julianne's hobbies include yoga, walks through Pfluger Park, playing the piano, violin, viola, and classical guitar. Music and arts provide a creative outlet that she has found to be an essential part of work/life balance. To her, massage is an art form as well. Each session is unique and original and gives her an outlet to express creative flow.

That's what's so fun about it!


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