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Lockie Miller

Massage Therapist

Lockie attended Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage and has been an LMT for thirteen years. She loves her work because she finds people fascinating, the body amazing, and having the tools and intuition to connect with both to assist in someone’s healing is humbling. While she enjoys all modalities, Lockie loves prenatal massage; she finds mommas-to-be are readily accepting of bodywork. She also excels at sports massage with focused stretching.

Lockie hails from Laredo, Texas, and has lived in Austin since the age of six. She is a proud mother to three of "the coolest kids you’ll ever meet": Riley (20), Abi (18), and Charli Reese (6). When she's not working, you can find her supporting her kids at cross country, volleyball, basketball, soccer, track, golf, swim, dance, or gymnastics, depending on the time of year! With her rare free time, Lockie enjoys eating out (sushi especially!), seeing movies or live music, sewing, playing kickball, going on motorcycle rides, and being outside.


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