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Nicole Poole

Massage Therapist

Nicole has been a massage therapist for almost 20 years. Her mother always used to say, 'Quit touching things. Put that down. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.'

Her grandmother drew the conclusion that that is how she learned: by touching and feeling. She went on with great joy and encouragement from her family to play competitive hands-on sports: ice and roller skating, basketball, softball, swim team champion and martial arts competitor.

But sports ended with high school and soon she realized that her career passion was to become a massage therapist.

She completed her first 300 hours of basic training for licensing at the Austin School of Massage in May 2003. Following graduation, she went straight to work at a spa. After a few years she went on to work with a clientele who had various ailments and injuries. At the same time she was pursuing mobile in-home care.

Nicole realized early in her career that working with chiropractic physicians would help her advance her skills and techniques. By then she had more than 150 hours of continuing education from the Lauterstein-Conway and other schools.

Today, working with physicians and other specialized therapists she is able to better serve her clients coping with pain and ailments.

She is grateful to have a career that she loves.

Nicole’s intent is for each and every client to feel the tremendous positive energy she has to offer.

Her modalities are in Sports Massage, Deep Tissue with Myofascial Techniques, Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point, Thai Massage and Stretching, Swedish and Reflexology.

Let's discuss your needs and how I can help- Nicole.


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