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Shayne Guidroz

Massage Therapist

Shayne started his massage career in New Orleans after graduating from Blue Cliff College in 2013. After gaining a few years of experience as a massage therapist he moved to Houston to further hone his skills and gain better opportunities.

Even with all the professional growth, Houston just didn't feel like the right place for him. In 2018 he moved to Austin with the goal of having a better work life balance. In just two years he honed his precision and skills and during that time his passion to help others through massage therapy grew exponentially.

"My style incorporates deep, slow, and precise techniques. This ensures that I get down to the root of the issue, allowing your body to accept the work instead of guarding against it."

Shayne specializes on helping those with issues in their neck, hips, arms, and hands. As a gamer he is all too familiar with these aches, which makes him even more determined to help those with problems in these areas heal.


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