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Sherry Glover

Massage Therapist

Sherry Glover has been a mainstay in the Austin community for nearly 40 years as a premier Massage Therapist. Growing up in Austin, Sherry has been actively involved in the evolution of the massage community. In 1979 she spearheaded the movement to pass legislation that would license massage therapy as a health care profession in Texas. This earned Sherry the very first massage license in Texas.

Sherry continued her dedication by founding the first massage school in Texas, the Texas School of Massage Studies that was proceeded by the original Austin Wellness Center. She has served both on the Texas Board and National Board of the American Massage Therapy Association.

Today Sherry continues to nurture the loyal client relationships that make her career so meaningful. She has never lost sight of her passion and continues to hold the belief that she can help change the world one person at a time.

Sherry’s extensive training allows her to truly customize each massage to maximize the healing response within the body. She incorporates Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Rehabilitative massage, Body Mobilization, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, and Applied Kinesiology. She is also highly trained in Pregnancy massage and Manual Lymph Drainage. Included in every massage is self-care information that can further your health and wellness in addition to maintaining relief and relaxation after your massage.

​Sherry loves sharing her knowledge that she has obtained in practicing massage and being in the alternative healthcare field for over three decades. She not only takes exceptional care with each client, but leaves them with a deep level of wellbeing.


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