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Stacy Liddle

Massage Therapist

After a few serious injuries in her teens, Stacy found herself gravitating toward understanding the innate wisdom of the body. She began practicing massage therapy in 1999 after graduating from the Lauterstein-Conway massage school. Prior to this, she had pursued her BS in Physical Therapy and spent several years studying advanced manual therapy at the Gulf Coast PT Institute.

Stacy is also a lifetime competitive athlete and has had to recover from numerous injuries. This took her on a pursuit of well over 600 hours of bodywork training. The most influential for her include structural bodywork, manual lymphatic drainage, anatomy trains, active release techniques and instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization. She thinks kinesiology taping is magical.

Stacy feels that bodywork should offer people a self- realization of their wholeness, their goodness and their personal strength. She believes that bodywork is an adjunct to personal healing and that true healing comes from within. We just need to learn to hear our inner voice. Her style could be described as eclectic, as well as structurally oriented.

After over 20 years of doing this type of work, she still loves it. If you are working through an injury, her skills could be of great benefit.


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